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Looking at the ground

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[Today’s run: Limerock road]

Today I tried to take a picture which would convey what I am usually looking at when I run.

I’d say that it is close, but still not quite right.  Frequently when I run I just look at the ground.  Looking at the horizon is a more pleasant view.  But longer the view the slower I seem to be going.  And that can be discouraging.

The Boardtown Runners have one route which involves going through a forested area on a gravel road.  Seen on a map the road looks like a stair step, it goes about half  a mile horizontal  (east/west) then half a mile vertical (north/south).  I like that route because the view is about the right distance for me.  It feels more expansive than looking at the ground but not so much as to be discouraging.

So I conclude that my maximum comfortable view distance while running is about half a mile.

But that sometimes changes.  If the view is really great then it can overcome the no-progress/discouragement factor.    So I modify my conclusion:  I like views of about half a mile unless there is something really nice to look at, otherwise I tend to look at the ground.

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May 15, 2012
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