Mississippi running

A sense of urgency

[Wednesday: 3.25 miles; Saturday: 5k race in Columbus]

We both ran in the inaugural Kiwanis Memorial Weekend 5k Benefit Run in Columbus on Saturday. It was a well executed event, lots of fun.

I ran 32:26, which is better than I expected. And I got a medal for 1st place male in the 50-64 age group!

One of the tricky things about running a race is staying focused. After many years of just social running it is hard to really bear down and live on the edge of too-fast. It is kind of like the Price is Right, you want want be as close as possible without going over!

For 5ks I’ve found that it helps to do some warm-up before the race starts. Most people just stand around. As I have gotten older my first mile or so is just gimping and wheezing. So if I warm up I can kind of skip that part!

And then there is the maintenance of a required sense of urgency. It is a race after all!! After about half way I was thinking it would really be nice to slow down or even walk a bit. This usually happens to me in some form. (Except last year when I ran the 100 meter and 200 meter. In neither one of those did I reach a point of boredom or distraction!)

My wife also ran and she did very well! She is somehow getting faster recently.