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Creature of habit

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[Today’s run: Watson Road]

This morning I am operating from the Wifi at Bojangles.

For about a year I was regularly at Strange Brew in Starkville.  Then I was a regular at Beans and Cream.  And now I’ve been at Bojangles.

I usually get the same thing.  A different thing for each place, because their menu’s are different.  But once I found what I liked than that is what I usually got.

My criteria for deciding what to get is:  #1 : cheap, #2 : something sweet with some milk.   I have not had any trouble getting milk at coffee shops.  They may have to search the price list a little bit, but it was on there.

Anyway,  in all of these places where I have become a regular they pretty quickly figure out what I usually get.  The people at Beans and Cream would have the milk poured even before I made my order.  And the people at Bojangles are getting to be about the same way.

It bothers me a bit that I am so predictable.  But the menu doesn’t change. The optimum selection is just a matter of working through a few options, then sticking with the one that works best.  So they may think that I like that the best of anything. But really I just like it better than anything else they offer.


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May 14, 2012
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