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My Summer Vacation

[7/23: 4.4 miles; 7/25: 4.8 miles; 7/27: 4.4; 7/30: 4.4; 8/01: 4.0; 8/3: 4.4]

It is traditional that the factory closes down for two weeks in the summer and two weeks around Christmas. This time the summer break for the engineering people was cut back to one week (unpaid).

It just happened to coincide with a need for moving house as our son started his new job in Starkville, MS. So we drove down to the Jackson, MS area and picked up a truck and helped load him up on Sunday July 25th. The same day we got him unloaded at his new pad in Starkville.

The rest of the days we enjoyed lounging around and made a few visits. I touched base at the radio station and did some maintenance work. I also brought home the pieces of the solar powered weather station which had stopped operating last September.

On Friday 7/31 we started the drive home. We overnighted in Mt. Vernon, IL where we had a nice run around Jaycee Lake on Saturday morning before finishing up our trip.

Because of COVID-19 they didn’t force us to use our vacation days for the shutdown, so I have a week remaining which I can save for the Christmas break. Or maybe I’ll take a long weekend in the fall.