Ham Radio other thoughts

Why I went to Georgia

[Today’s run: Downtown Y to almost SFM,  6 miles]

I admit it:  I like to buy things and I especially like to buy things cheap.  So I keep my eye on internet auctions and every once in awhile I will bid (low) on something.  And I sometimes win.

I used to watch ebay quite a bit, but not any more.  The market is so big that the prices easily get too high for me.  Then I did for awhile.  But they made their minimum bid $150 and that is just not any fun.

So my recent internet auction attention has been on  The beauty of that auction site is that it is run by the General Services Administration so you really are buying straight from the government.  ( is a reseller that buys bulk stuff, mostly from the defense department, and resells it for the best price they can get.  And their customer service is not so good.)

Last week I bid on a large VHF duplexer/combiner system in Georgia.  I put in the minimum bid.  Nobody else put in a bid, so I won it.  I had 10 days to go get my winnings.  So that is why we went to Georgia.   My plan is to resell most of the components of this thing to hams that want to build VHF repeater systems.  And the rest will go on ebay or end up in my own junkbox.