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Our first house

[Today’s run: Downtown Y to Lowes – 4 miles]

(I wrote a previous post about politics but I decided to erase it.)

Instead, here’s a picture of a house I used to live in.  I haven’t been there in 20 years.  But it still looks about the same.  We lived there about two years.

The construction quality was not terribly high, so I am pleased to see it holding up so well.  Maybe the HOA is doing a good job forcing people to keep their property maintained.

7552 Madison, Hanover Park, IL

I remember seeing a picture of the house that my family lived in when I was born.  They did not live there very much longer but moved to a different place when I was just a few months old.  And I believe that house is gone.  I know roughly where it was.

I was thinking about this place today because someone in another context asked about experiences with lightning.  We lived in this house when a house on a neighboring street was struck by lightning.   We noticed the neighboring house was on fire and we called the fire department.  It was an exciting night.