Patio plans

[Today’s run: 11 miles with Boardtown runners, substantial walking in the last half]

We want to make a pergola-type structure over the back patio.  We have some nice cedar posts and we have some bricks.  We will need to buy dimensional lumber to make a deck-ish frame and put some on-edge boards on the top.  Then we hope to get some kind of vineing plant to grow up over the top to make a shady cover.

So this afternoon I was laying out some of the bricks to figure out where our pillars/posts need to go.  I have done a little bit of masonry work in the past and enjoyed it.  I’m not saying I am good at it, but it was interesting. As you can see here, the line of pillars nearest the house will be on the existing slab.  I think I will drill into the slab and try to put in a central piece of rebar.  Then I will build up a square brick pillar and fill in the middle with bag concrete.  At the top I will put in a J-bolt and a post anchor.

Since our posts are kind of short, I am thinking I will call the brick factory on Monday to see how much it would cost to get some more of these bricks.  I can make taller pillars and use shorter posts.