Mississippi other thoughts

Fresh new highway

[Today’s run: Downtown Y to Southern Family Market: 7 miles]

After months and maybe years of construction they opened one side of the new Old Highway 45 today.

I have looked at the pictures on Google Maps and the highway area had houses and yards and was mostly flat fields.  But they dug out a big pit of fill dirt and made ramps up to both sides of the railroad tracks and put in concrete bridges over the tracks.

Today they moved the traffic from the old 2-lane road on to one side of the double using it as a 2-lane until the other side is done.  Part of the other side will be on the roadbed used by the old 2-lane, so they will have to pull out the dirt scrapers and get back to work on that.

Here is a picture out the front of the windshield (which needs washed, sorry).  Brand new, smooth asphalt, only driven on by the construction guys until today.