Mississippi other thoughts

Storm damage

[Today’s run: watson road 3.5 miles]

Saturday was the first time we saw the house in daylight since the storms on Wednesday.  And we noticed that there were a lot more shingles missing from the roof than the two that I had found in the yard early Thursday morning.  I found a lot more shingles in the backyard and in the field behind the house.

It didn’t take much to see that we had a bit of a problem.  Two patches on the north side of the house were bare down to the tar paper.  So we called the homeowner’s insurance company and we have a guy coming out sometime this week.  Until then we have a tarp on the roof to cover the bare spots.

Along with the wind we also had some golfball sized hail, so there might be some damage from that too.  I guess we will soon know if they want to repair or maybe replace.

We were fortunate not to lose any trees, phone poles or my temporary antenna supports.  There are some impressively large trees within a mile of the house that have been snapped off well above the ground.  Must have been a powerful gust.