Ham Radio Operating poetry

Contest QSO

[Today’s run: SFM 7 miles]

CQ Contest CQ Contest

Five nine Alabama, over.

Copy five nine Alabama.
Thank you for the contest contact.
Twenty over nine on this end
here in Starkville, Mississippi

What’s the rig that you are running,
old man, at your contest station?
Do you have some mono yagis
stacked up on a tower? over

QSL your 5 9 MS
Lost the tower in a wind storm.
Now the pile is my ground plane
and I tune the downspout. over

Copy on the downspout tuning.
Sorry that you lost your tower.
Do you run an amplifier?
Signal now is five eight. over

Amp and rig were fried by lightning
so I pulled out an old bread board
and brewed up a QRP rig
from an idea in SPRAT. over

QSL your QRP rig.
Signal now is five by seven
with some fading at the end there.
Good luck in the contest. over.

Power outage… since the fire…
Hampster in wheel… rest and water.

XYL now on the hand crank.
Seven three and good luck old man.