Ham Radio

Success [from top to bottom]

[Friday’s run: 4.5 miles; Today: 6.3 miles. 2020 total miles: 627.1]

I struggled on Wednesday to try to get a route from the basement to the attic large enough to accommodate a RG-58 cable (about the size of a cable-tv cable which is RG-59 or something similar).

I located what I thought was a pretty good path following the cast iron sewer stack. Wednesday I worked on that and I had the basement to the first floor done fairly quickly but the first floor to attic run foiled my purposes. Taking out a loose attic floor board I could see down the stack from above, it looked like about 10-11 feet. But poking down it wasn’t coming out where I thought it should. On Thursday I got back into it. Eventually I figured out that the stack takes a zig into the wall right near the ceiling in the 1st floor. My attempts downward from above were not allowing for that.

So I enlisted the help of #1 son and I used a hanger wire to stick a string loop horizontally past the zig into the bottom of the downward stack opening which encompasses the distance of the 2nd floor, and he was able to snag it from above with the fish-stick. Success! We pulled in a good amount of the RG-58 cable all the way from the basement to the attic.

I mounted my GPS antenna in the attic and tested it out with the portable GPS, with the good result of 6-9 satellites in sight.

Now I have some crimp-on BNC and TNC connectors ordered on Amazon. When those come I will get the cable all connected and dressed out. It will run from the GPS antenna in the attic down to my GPSDO (GPS disciplined oscillator) in the basement equipment rack.

Today I listed some of the remaining GPS antenna’s on ebay. I’m not sure how many I will try to sell. They currently get listed for north of $75 and I’m happy with $40 plus the shipping. Hope I get rid of them.

Yesterday the wife and I drove up to Decorah for a little outing before I have to return to work on Monday. We stopped in Spillville to see if the Bily Clock Museum was open (it was not). And we puttered around Decorah a bit. Then we ate dinner at the Toppling Goliath brewery and spent the night at the Hotel Winneshiek. This morning we ran some of the Trout Run Trail and then had lunch at Mabe’s Pizza before driving home.

Anton Dvork finished his composition the New World Symphony in Spillville, IA.