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My QSL Card

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More on QSL cards.

QSL card is a postcard that amateur radio operators and shortwave listeners send to each other to confirm that they had a contact (or, for SWL’s that they heard a broadcast).

I don’t send cards to everybody that I talk to on the radio.  Generally I don’t send one to folks that I talk to using the local 2-meter FM repeater system.  And I don’t send one to HF contacts unless it is a special contact or they send me one first.  I almost always send one in reply if someone sends me one.

Now days I use Logbook Of The World  (LoTW) which is an electronic method of confirming contacts hosted by the Amateur Radio Relay League (ARRL).  I send almost all of my log to LoTW.  But that gets us into the issue of what I log, which is a whole ‘nother subject.  Let’s just say I log pretty much everything except local repeater contacts.

When I do send a card, here is what I send.  I print this out on cardstock and write the details of the contact and the address info on the back, just like a postcard that you get from someone on vacation at the Grand Canyon.