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Just me and the dog and the cat.

[Today’s run: 4.8 miles]

Wife is out of town this weekend doing a race down by Jackson.

I went over to Starkville this morning and had a good steady, if slow, run.

I’ve been doing my best to maintain my “I hate food” attitude. It is hard to do because I actually love food. But I can’t afford to be grazing the kitchen every time I get up from my work. Eating is just the thing that I do to fill the time. No more of that. So I think I’m down a pound or two. The pants aren’t quite so tight.

I finally connected with the medical supply store and got my CPAP machine yesterday. It is an interesting gizmo. It has a cell phone connection that calls in with my data. And they have an app which I have not yet installed… (doesn’t everything have an app?)

I wore it last night for about the first half. About midnight I took it off.

The thing is an air blower. It is pumping air into my nose piece and there is a pressure differential with my mouth. If I open my mouth, for any reason, the air goes in my nose and out my mouth… Very weird stuff. I may need to get a full coverage face mask.

They have it set to do a range of pressure levels. I think the high end of the range is a bit too high. At low level it is pretty normal. Of course you exhale upstream against the pressure and that is strange also. I’m used exhaling being easier than inhaling. It’s just all around weird.

My wife had already gone down to Jackson for her race. We talked today on the phone and she asked if it helped. I told her I have no idea. We will have to wait for her verdict.

You read about sleep apnea and it says it is caused by weak muscles. But they never say anything about exercises… glad to sell you a machine though.

Enough of that. I’m surviving fine. Nobody is going to roll up to the house with sirens and demand I use the thing. But if does some good I’m ok with it. When I was a teen I babysat a kid who had to give himself regular diabetic injections. This is way better than that.

After running I came home and had my shower and a bit of breakfast.

Then the dog and I drove up by the air force base to an estate sale. I bought a grater and some very nice measuring spoons from the kitchen supplies. And I bought a brass rod maybe 5/8″ diameter from the tools. I don’t think the lady charged me for the measuring spoons. So I hope to get back up there tomorrow and make sure the lady in the nursing home gets what is coming to her.

Then we came back home. I emptied and refilled the dishwasher, got that started. I put my running clothes in the laundry washer.

I took some stuff from the garage to the shed and got it stowed away. Everything from the storage unit is in there and maybe a third of what I want to move from the garage. Those are car dollys hanging on the wall.

Speaking of cars, I drove the Aerostar to Starkville and to the estate sale. The wonky shifting is still there, no change for better or worse. The dog likes to ride in the back. He also sat in the van while I was shopping the sale.

Somewhere along the line I had lunch. I had half a tuna sandwich and some wal-mart potato salad.

I also cleaned out the refrigerator, threw away expired stuff, soaked the shelf parts in the bathtub with warm water and dish soap. Everything cleaned up nice. (This is the fridge we bought when we moved into this house the first time in fall of 2009.)

For dinner I had a personal-size pepperoni pizza and a small dish of cheap neapolitan ice cream. No more to eat today.

The correct way to eat neapolitan ice cream is to get a bit of each flavor in every spoonful. It takes some maneuvering.

Oh, I also did some mowing. I didn’t have a lot of gas on hand, so I just mowed selected areas. About an hour after I mowed it rained.