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Dog sit – A/C woes

[Today’s run: 4 miles in Marion, MS]

I was dog sitting last night and today down in Marion. The dogs really didn’t want to go out in the heat, so we just layed around the house like a pack of old tired dogs. It was very refreshing.

I watched some interesting youtube videos.

On returning home this evening I had a minor flurry of activity. It looks like our AC unit on the radio station shed is dying or dead. I’m hoping it will make it until morning.

I went to Lowes and got a new unit but I don’t want to install it in the dark.

I turned down the transmitter to minimum output for the heat emergency. That will allow the streaming listeners to still hear the program but the local people may not hear it. And maybe the stricken old box will be able to do that much. Tomorrow before church I will get the new unit installed.

This is the second (or third?) AC box we have used since we built the radio shed. This one is slightly bigger than the last two.

I looked it up. We built the shed in 2017. I replaced the original unit in November of 2019 with the unit that is now dying.