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Forgiveness, and promises

[Saturday: 6.8 miles run/walk talking with Dave in Starkville; Monday: 3.2 miles in the morning]

We had 6 people at the Monday evening hill run.

On Sunday mornings I get an email from TheFreePress. Douglas Murray has a Sunday column about famous and consequential speeches. This last Sunday he featured a 1964 speech by Hannah Arendt.

Murray linked the speech online and printed it out. It is 15 pages long. There is a lot more than what Murray highlighted, but he hit the highlight.

Arendt points out the irreversibility of human action coupled with the unknown rippling effects, mean that we do things without knowing what damage we might be doing. Her solution is forgiveness.

She also points out that the unpredictability of the outcome can be ameliorated by promises, which Murray does not mention.

It is an interesting speech, I enjoyed reading it.