Chester invites himself along

[Today’s run: 2 miles with the dog]

I started off on my normal route this morning. At the same time my wife went outside to tend to the ducks for the morning, and she took the dog outside with her.

I got about 50 yards down the road and noticed that the dog was following me. I told him to go home and I continued on.

Later, about 1/4 mile down the road I looked around and the dog was still following me.

The dog is not trained up to run for 3 miles, so I cut back on the morning’s schedule. And I re-routed so we could avoid a couple of other dogs we could run into on the usual route.

He stuck with me pretty well. Traffic was light.

We walked quite a bit of the 2nd mile.

It was kind of strange, he usually doesn’t follow me like that.

I usually start out from the house and leave him inside.

I listened to a podcast about the recent helicopter crash that killed the President of Iran.

The sister of our neighbor who recently passed away while held in the county jail stopped by today. She visited quite awhile. She is planning to do some investigating and possibly take legal action about that.

She is a very nice lady, serious, energetic. I think if she does take legal action these local people will need to up their game.

Also she asked if we might be interested in buying the property. We are going to think on that.