Straight from the sun

[Today’s run: 5.40 miles]

I slept in a little late this morning and I missed getting out and over to Starkville for the Saturday running group. So instead I ran to the St Paul Missionary Baptist Church on Robinson Road. I’ve posted about that place before. It was a nice morning and I was able to run steadily, if slow, and had a very nice outing.

I’ve been working off and on today on the radio station replacement server. A new version of the operating system came out, and the radio software has had some updates. So I’m hoping I can get past the issues I had with the prior configuration. So far it is going well.

In the afternoon I went to the Main Street Marketplace fete downtown. This is an annual thing they do which involves blocking off downtown and having craft vendors, bands, a car show, food trailers, that kind of thing. Our church runs a baby changing station, which was basically an awning with some chairs and tables and a curtained off area with a changing table and supplies. I had signed up to be there from 2-3 pm. The moms or dads do the actual changing. It turned out there were quite a few people from the church there so I mostly just hung out and talked. The awning was nice and cool and the chair was comfortable. It was a nice rest.

This evening we went for a ride in the country in the Aerostar with the Mrs and the dog. There are some large solar power installations under construction in the fields south of the airport. They extend from Gilmer-Wilburn Road to Artesia Road, about a mile, and probably about that much wide. No, actually they were south of the Gilmer-Wilburn Road as well.

While that is happening they are building a new aluminum reprocessing plant to the west of the airport. And I think they are building a railroad spur to the new plant site.