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[Today’s run: 3.2 miles]

I had an idea for something to write in my blog, but I don’t remember what is was.

We were supposed to be down in Jackson tonight at a concert. A small musical group that I’ve seen on youtube is doing a tour and I thought it would be fun to go to a concert. But when the time approached, we were scratching our heads about the animals and maybe having to drive home really late at night or stay over…. it just was too much. So we didn’t go. My attempt at a date night was a bust.

I spent some time on Monday evening buying plane tickets to the Honolulu Marathon in early December. I hear that later in December we are going to Colorado. And we have a Colorado trip coming up at the end of this month which I am happily anticipating.

Work is going ok.

The cars are all running ok. I haven’t made any further progress with the Aerostar. I can make it run pretty well if I manually do things with the shifter.

I haven’t done anything more with the shed recently. I need to haul more stuff out from the garage.

I’ve been helping my neighbor with a car project of his. He has a late 60’s Chevy convertible. The engine went bad. So he is doing a LS-engine swap. He has a used LS engine. I helped him get it mounted on an engine stand. We took the oil pan off and we replaced the oil pump. I haven’t heard from him in a couple of days, so I’m not sure if he has made more progress.

I’m still making progress with my sleep machine. I am going to try to get a full face mask for it. Some days I just can’t do the nose-only thing. Last night I ripped it off around midnight and went back to sleep. I’m supposed to get 20 nights of at least 4 hours usage each night, during a 30 day stretch in the first 90 days. I’m up to about 16, something like that. So If I can get 5 more good nights in the next 10-ish days the insurance will pay for the thing. I’m told it is helping but I don’t notice any improvement. I’m very tired.

I ran my run this evening after dinner. It was about 85 degrees but the humidity was not terribly high. Also it was breezy. I had a good run. I think I usually switch to evening runs in the summer because the humidity is lower.

My I-hate-food diet is a bust, again. I’m keeping the snacking down a bit from where it was, and my weight is down probably 5-6 pounds. But I still end up eating when I’m not hungry.

I took another run at the radio station server replacement and things are going better than last time. I loaded up the newest version of Ubuntu and the station software. It found my older but fancy sound card. I need to test it to see if they solved the problem from last time which was how it ignored the set start and stop markers in each cut. If it handles that, I can probably get it switched over. I will need to get the now-playing bit hooked up to the ice-cast server.