classic book radio

Radio AC back online.

[today’s run: 3.2 miles. Monday night hill run: 4 runners]

On the radio shed A/C: after buying replacement unit on Saturday evening, I was able to get it installed Sunday morning and it has been working fine. I have a bit of trim work to complete the installation.

The one I bought is supposed to be more efficient. Since it runs every day, year around, I figure that was worth a bit more money. Time will tell. Also it is a step up in size, from 5000 BTU to 8000 BTU.

I’ve been slowly dragging things out of the garage and putting them into the shed. This past weekend was so hot I didn’t get much of that done. But over time I’ve chipped away at the pile.

I had one of the people I’ve been following on youtube do a live stream and he asked for people to come on and talk to him. I did that. It worked out ok. It was early in the morning so I took my phone outside. I’m tethered to the in-house wifi, so I learned that I can’t go very far from the house.

I enjoyed it. Not sure how much of that I’m going to do.