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[Today’s run/walk 5+ miles in Starkville]

I got the “now playing” metadata working on our radio station internet feed. I have a bit more to do in order for it to automatically start up at boot time. But the pipeline of info works!

In other news, we got our new king size bed all installed and operating (as much as beds do). We got all the bits from online sources, the bed, the mattress, sheets, comforter. It sleeps fine.

On our recent trip to Colorado we had a nice king sized bed at the hotel and for some reason we noticed that worked really well, less waking each other up for bathroom trips and such. So we decided that upgrade would be a good Christmas present to the both of us.

We got the bed all assembled and mattress on it. Then we had to wait a couple more days for the sheets to arrive. But now it is all good.

Our headboard has an integrated power strip with two USB ports in it. So there’s that!
The plan is to transfer the Grandma Brown bedroom set down to son Thomas sometime soon. It is just a “full” and we’ve used it in the guest room for a long time. It is comfortable but kind of small.

I moved the queen bed down to the guest room.

There’s been a nice looking HUD house on the online in nearby West Point. Today I drove over and looked at it. It’s in a very nice neighborhood. It is 2 story with a 3 car attached down the hallway garage and some kind of living space above the garage. Two acres of open foresty land. Lots of leaves on the ground and in the gutters. I’ll bet it is pretty when cleaned up.

I went around and looked in the windows. It generally is in good shape but there was one glaring problem: in the kitchen there is a big wide fridge in a nook and the thing looks like it has sunk into the floor. There is even sign of the sinking on the other side of the wall from the fridge. So somehow the floor joists are failing under that part of the kitchen. I peeked in the crawlspace door and couldn’t see far enough in. So it may be just a jack-up joist replacement or it might be more extensive.

I talked to the local “listing agent” by phone and he said there had been offers on it but after doing inspection people had backed out.

The nice thing about HUD houses is that the bureaucrats at HUD don’t have any emotional attachment. It is not painful to try a low offer.

They are listing it for like 290. If a guy could get it for a low offer, maybe 200, then put 40-50k into it, probably it would be a really nice place. That’s all just wild guess.

But I don’t think we are going to do anything on this. We are aiming to get the present house paid off before retirement and I don’t have extra time and money for this kind of thing.