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Lipo something ectomy

[Monday run: 3.2; Wednesday run: 3.2]

I had been to my primary care person awhile back and I had some complaints/issues and we talked about them. The bottom line was she wanted me to have three things done: an upper GI scope, a sleep study and a bit of minor surgery.

I’ve made some initial progress on the scoping. The sleep study is on the calendar and this last week was the minor surgery.

I don’t know if my siblings remember, but in my younger days I had an overnight hospital stay where they excavated a bump on my neck which turned out to be a splinter that had kind of grown over.

This time around it was also a bump, also on the neck, but in the area where I had had something similar done in the Dr. office about 15 years ago. This latest doctor says that they didn’t go far enough and this branch of whatever it is, needed to be gone.

So we did the general anesthesia thing again for the 2nd time in my life. (I don’t think colonoscopy counts… but I’m not sure why.)

But no overnight stay. I arrived at 6 am and I was out before noon.

The rest of that day, Friday, I lounged around. Saturday was also low key. Sunday we made it to church and did our usual thing. Monday was Christmas and we jogged in the morning then went south to Meridian for Christmas Dinner with our son. Tuesday was back to work. Wednesday was morning run then work all day.

We’ve been following the post-surgery directions. We took the bandage off after 48 hours and I had my first shower on Christmas morning. (yes, I went to church without having taken a shower!) I still have a plastic covering thingy on that spot and I have a followup appointment for them to finish that off and do whatever else. That will be immediately after we return from a Colorado trip in early January. I don’t know if they will do a biopsy or whatnot. They may learn that the tendrils of this fatty thing have replaced my brain and I’m truly a fat-head. But we will eventually find out.