New curved monitor

[Today’s run: 3.2 miles]

I was just doing some amazon shopping the other day looking at larger monitors.

I have two 27″ HD monitors that I use with my work laptop. Recently I’ve concluded that I need something bigger or with better resolution, or both.

So I was looking at some 4k resolution 34″ jobbies. You can get those for about $300. But then we looked at the travel expenses and holiday expenses and I decided it would be better to wait until all of that is paid off, sometime next spring.

Then on Saturday I saw a 32″ curved screen on Facebook Marketplace for $60. I decided that would be a good intermediate step. It is a bit bigger and it is curved. (And it seems to do better with resolution but not as good as 4k.) Drove about an hour into Alabama on Sunday afternoon and picked that up.

Today was my first day using it. I like it. My remaining 27″ decided that it also could do higher resolution, so I’m getting more “desktop” real estate.

My issue has been that in the Ubuntu VM environment in which I do most of my work, my co-workers use VS Code as an editor and workspace. I’ve been using Vi and individual terminal screens, mostly because all of the accoutrements in VS Code take up a lot of screen space and that leaves me with small fonts and squinting in order to see what is going on. But my hope was that with a bigger space and higher resolution I could expand my space. I think that has worked.

I may still try to go to 34″ and 4k resolution. But this immediate step-up will help me figure out what to do next.