Mississippi outdoors

A quiet afternoon

[Today’s run: 6.14 miles before the running group Christmas Breakfast]

This afternoon we were back in the Okatibee woods, in the hunting blind, overlooking that grass green field surrounded by winter-bare trees.

We started around 2:20 pm and finished around three hours later. It sprinkled a bit. I heard a wood pecker. I sipped my Gatorade and had some nibbles on a brownie. I held my shotgun because I didn’t want to drop it against the side of the tent/blind. We didn’t talk because we wanted to be quiet. We sat the whole time, looking out the little openings in the blind.

Eventually the sprinkling stopped. Later the light started to change. We couldn’t see as far into the woods on the far side of the grass. Eventually we could only see the grass area and the outline of the trees against a grey-blue sky. And it was still a little bit light when our legal hunting time expired.

We packed up the blind and walked back to the van.