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Hiking and picture

[no running today: 6.5 miles of hiking]

Our neighbor invited us to go on a hike. We went up to the Effegy Mounds National Monument and had nice walk.

We actually bailed out a little early because of the “call of nature” and a lack of suitable facilities out in the woods. But we had a great time.

Then we went over into Wisconsin for lunch and drove back home.

Thursday evening we were out for a walk and tried out a new alley that we hadn’t been on before. I was mystified by the back of this house. They have a garage door that is mounted on the back of the house. But the yard is another four feet below.

Ok, so I checked Google Maps… There is some space between the house and that concrete wall. So they could get to the garage door with a garden tractor or something like that, coming in from the right side of the picture (the north). But they don’t have a driveway there or any room to turn in with an automobile.

I still find it kind of odd.