Iowa outdoors

Hunting we will go

[Wednesday 12/16: 4.4 miles; Friday 12/18: 5.7 miles]

Number One Son is in residence these days as he transitions between jobs. He and I have gone hunting in the past and he decided we should do it again!

So I got the paperwork for Deer Season #2 (shotgun) and the season for us consisted of two consecutive weekends. We went out on Saturday 12/12 and again today (12/19). Both times we went to the Whitewater Canyon Wildlife Area which is run by Dubuque County.

Oh, and we scouted things out on Saturday 12/2. So the last three Saturdays I have been in that park.

Our first hunting day was also a blizzard. We got up early and started out but the snow and slippery conditions delayed our arrival. When we did get there we were unable to negotiate the park entrance. We ended up leaving the vehicle partially off the road and incapacitated. But no problem! We loaded up our stuff and went hunting. It was snowy. It was cold. We saw a few critters and lots of tracks. But we didn’t see any deer. At the end of the day we got a towing company from Cascade, IA to come and pull us out of our stuck condition.

Today we didn’t have a blizzard and we didn’t get stuck. We arrived very early and hiked in and got set up. We had a good day of hunting, again we were cold. We saw a lot of birds and squirrels and such. But still no deer.

Both times we decided to end the day with some delicious take out pizza.

Starting out on Saturday December 12th.
A hunting selfie (12/12/2020). I think the deer had all gone to Hawaii.