The elusive deer

[Yesterday’s run: 5.4 miles]

After running in the morning yesterday I puttered around the house for a bit then drove down to Meridian for deer hunting with my son.

This was our third time out this year. We had tried one spot in the Okitibee wildlife management area for two hunts and this time we tried a different spot in that same WMA. We were there around two and walked back into woods on a trail, maybe a quarter of a mile.

There we found the “food plot” we were looking for. We set up our tent blind facing toward the west over the plot.

We had a nice afternoon watching over the plot. Things got a little easier when the sun went behind the trees, about 4 pm. After that we could see out of the blind much better.

But we never did see any deer. Eventually we got to the end of legal hunting, 5:34 pm. We packed everything up and went to MugShots for dinner.