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Jewelry, my ignorance of

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[Today’s run: 1 mile with the dog]

Over the weekend we stopped in at the local mall.  The Sears store is closing.  It has a big sign on it that says ‘8 days left’, and ‘ 70% off’, etc.  So we stopped in to see what remained.

There was still some good stuff in there.  Not all of it was a bargain, but some looked pretty good.  Our main purchase ended up being some bling from the jewelry counter.  My wife said it was  a very good deal.

I am almost completely ignorant about jewelry.  I can’t tell the difference between diamonds and CZ.  Gold looks gold, but so does gold painted junk.    I appreciate the shapes, the design, the colors.  But I am mystified about the materials.

So I pretty much go by the theory that if my wife likes it than I’m really not buying jewelry, I am buying wife-happy-sauce.  And she liked what she saw, so that’s what we did.  The excuse for the purchase is our anniversary coming up in May.

Myself, I don’t usually wear a watch.  I don’t wear any necklaces or earrings.  Don’t have a pocket-watch chain or a gold cigar snipper or money clip.  The only jewelry I wear is my wedding ring.    I appreciate that it doesn’t turn green, and generally just stays the same all the time.  The only time I take it off is if I’m doing some rock climbing or something that makes ring-wearing dangerous.

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Apr 16, 2012
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