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Dr. Laura, Rush Limbaugh and Dave Ramsey

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[Today’s run: 1.25 m with the dog]

I used to enjoy listening to Dr. Laura on the radio.  This was probably 5 years ago.  I don’t even know if she is still on the radio, she isn’t around here.  She had people calling in and she would give them advice about their marriage or romance, family situation, etc.

My wife doesn’t like Dr. Laura, said she was mean to her callers.  I told her it was entertainment, in the same way that watching a train wreck or reality TV show is entertainment.  And the people calling in have heard the show, they know what is going to happen.

But, like I said, no Dr. Laura for quite awhile and I am ok with that.  I’m sure she is being bossy to her husband or her grandkids or something.  No problem.

I’ve heard Rush Limbaugh a few times in my day.  He’s bombastic, and funny.  He says things that are over the top so that the “opposition” will get upset.  He’s been on the radio for, like, a century.  And just a few weeks ago he was in the news again for saying something semi-crude but probably true.  The guy is a one-man spectacle.  If you say, “Rush Limbaugh” in a crowd of people you can immediately tell what everyone’s political affiliation is.  I suppose that could be useful.

The best thing I ever heard on Rush Limbaugh was his “caller abortion” thing, a long time ago.   Some random caller, after waiting on the phone for who knows how long, Rush would answer and then just hang up.  A caller abortion.

That didn’t last very long.  If the callers won’t wait on hold for an hour then there’s no show!  So it was interesting while it lasted.  Again, people know what to expect when they call in.  Rush is actually pretty kind to his callers, as much as I know anyway.

I don’t know if Rush is on around here or not.  I think he may be somewhere on the AM dial, but I don’t listen.

These days the only radio show that I am apt to hear that is similar is Dave Ramsey (more similar to Dr. Laura than to Rush Limbaugh).  People call in to be patted on the head for doing well with their personal finances, or to get some advice and maybe a bit of chastisement.  And the rest of us listen, because we want to know that we aren’t as bad off as that poor guy who called in.

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Apr 18, 2012
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