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12K and SKN

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[Today’s run: Steamwhistle 12k in Hattiesburg with wife]

We took a bit of a break, boarded the dog, drove down to Hattiesburg yesterday and spent the night.  This morning we got ourselves rousted out and over to the starting line of the Steamwhistle 12K race, aptly named because it is on former railroad tracks now turned into the Longleaf Trace trail.

We chugged along and eventually made it to the end and back to the car, enjoying the company of a lively group of runners and a beautiful day.

Then we mosied  (past tense of mosey) back to home.

We drove a rental car since our regular vehicle is in the shop after being attacked by a deer last weekend.  It was a nice car and we enjoyed the different accoutrements including the XM radio with lots of stations.

Later this evening I got on the air a bit for Straight Key Night using my homebrew straight key.  Talked to another guy who also made his own key.  I think he is going to send me a picture.  That would be cool!

Now I’m posting a blog post because I ran a respectable distance today and all my readers need to know about it!  And that brings me up to the present.  So you know everything.  Going to bed soon.  I’m tired.


Dec 31, 2011
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