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Pythagoras revisited

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I fooled around some more with my large-triangle method.   I found three equations describing the large triangle, but they all simplified down to the same thing and I could not see how to go any farther.

So I decided to try to find another method.

The unique feature of a right triangle is that one of the angles is 90 degrees.  All triangles have angles that add up to 180 degrees.  So, the pointy parts of a right triangle have to add up to be the other 90 degrees.

I saw that the big c-squared square needed to be part of the picture. If I arrange copies of my right triangle around the big square, it makes a larger square. The sides of the larger square are of length (B+A). There are two ways to describe the larger square. I set those against each other and did some algebra.

I don’t know exactly how I went wrong with my prior method. It seems like it should work. Maybe my three descriptions of the big triangle are not independent. Or something.

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Nov 30, 2011
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