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SX-11 pt 2

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[Today’s run: 1 mile with wife and dog]

Here’s another picture of the Hallicrafters SX-11.

Our new capacitors came today via UPS.  The things we are replacing are the yellow tubular paper/wax components.  I think there is a blue one also.  I believe we counted 17 of them here and one on the top side.  Capacitors are made of metal foil and pasty dielectric stuff.  Over time they lose their gumption.

This receiver is 1936 vintage.  It was a mid-range set in it’s day.  It has 11 tubes and a superheterodyne design.   It has a “tuning-eye” tube. The “sx” indicates that  it has a crystal filter for better narrow reception. It does not have a speaker, you either have to listen on headphones or hook up an external speaker.

Hallicrafters was a good company.  They survived in the radio business up into the transistor era  when both technological changes and Japanese imports killed off many old-line radio manufacturers.

Maybe this weekend we can start on the capacitor replacements.  Then we will apply voltage and check out how things look on various tube sockets.  If that goes well we add the tubes and see if it will play.

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Sep 29, 2011
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