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New utility pole

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[Today’s run:2 miles with the dog]

A few months ago I had called 4 County Electric Power Association, our local utility, to come out and look at the pole that serves our house.  The pole had a transformer at the top, and the thing was leaning about 5 ft to the south at the top.  A guy came out and said they would get it straightened up.

Like I say, this was months ago, probably in March after the tornados when I was looking around for other damage.  The pole was not pushed over or cracked, so I think it had already been that way for awhile.

Today we noticed utility trucks coming up our road.  A man came to the door and said our power might be out for about an hour.

My UPS kept my internet WiFi going, I took my laptop out on the driveway and sat in the shade and watched them do it and also did a little work.

They detached us from the transformer then lowered the transformer.  The bucket-guy detached the high-line and pulled it out of the way, as you can see in the picture.  The other truck had an auger and they put the new pole in place.  Then the bucket guy reattached the high line and put the transformer up on the new pole.  They reattached our line, and that was it.

They sawed off the old pole just above where the cable-tv and telephone lines are attached.  They left the old pole standing.  I’m thinking we should see the cable-tv guy and telephone guy out here pretty soon to move their stuff to the new pole.  If not I will give them a call.

In the picture you can see that there is another pole nearer our house.  It also leans a little.  The bucket guy is waiting while the other truck sets the new pole beside the old one.  The new pole is about half way up; the old pole is leaning, as you can see.

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Aug 30, 2011
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