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Catching up?

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[Today’s run: about a mile?]

Today I ran about a mile in Windsor, Colorado holding on for dear life to the leash of Ash, my daughter’s room-mate’s dog.

Ash seems to like me.  I came to their house yesterday, as instructed.  He came to the door ready to do harm to the stranger. But then he saw me and was all friends.  I’m a twice-a-year visitor from way back in his puppy days.

My daughter and her roommate have moved to a smaller house in old-town Windsor.  Nice little place.

I am here for the week to try to get some time-limited projects done in Longmont.  We are working today but having a hard time making headway against the steady stream of “please can you…” emails that are coming in.  Not so much for me as for the guy I am working with.

Friday AM we did an 18-mile run/walk.  She ran, I walked.

Saturday we had the nephews all day and went to the ice cream place, to the BBQ place and to the Magnolia Speedway dirt racetrack for the evening’s entertainment.  Sunday I got up, made pancakes, drove the nephews home and then went to the airport.

So I missed Saturday and Sunday for running. That’s ok, we are in a rest week and could use the break.

I had a nice flight from GTR to ATL and then from ATL to DEN.  I was able to finish a book I was reading, and to watch the landscape.  My legs were a little tired by the end.  The Budget car rental guy was the only fly in the ointment, not very helpful.  But I did get a car and I did make it to Windsor to eat some food at the Wing Shack and crash on a futon.



Aug 12, 2013
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