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Big Mac

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[today’s run: 7 miles]

I’ve had a taste recently for McDonald’s Big Mac sandwiches.  Other fast food just has not been very interesting.

Big Mac’s really are not much as far as hamburgers go.  They are mostly bread and sauce.  I think it is the sauce that I’ve been wanting.

We went to Wendy’s on Sunday for lunch and I had a single.  To me it tasted kind of salty or something.  Before that I was on a streak of Asagio chicken at Wendy’s.  That got kind of old.

A couple of times in the last few weeks we have had a burger at Christy’s.  It is definitely lots of meat.  We had some service problems there once, our meal never came and we finally left.  But they gave us a free meal later to make up for it.

Yesterday I had a Big Mac meal with large fries.  Bad idea.  McDonald’s fries and I do not get along.  My mouth likes them but everything after that is a train wreck.  I didn’t get a very good night’s sleep because my stomach was rumbling and complaining.

I’ve noticed that my previously reliable digestion has started to turn against me in the last 3-4 years.  Stuff I used to eat I can no longer eat.  I have pretty much given up popcorn and chips are a bad idea.  Anything with lots of onions is probably not a good idea unless the onions are cooked down completely.

I told my wife:   it’s really sad that the one thing I am good at, eating, I can’t do as well any more.

But, never fear!  I’m still getting enough calories to stave off starvation.


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Jul 31, 2013
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