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[Yesterday’s run: 5 miles, today: rest]

After a nice run in the morning yesterday I packed up my stuff and headed for the airport.  I had had a nice visit to Colorado, got a lot of work things done and enjoyed seeing my daughter and staying at her house.

The plane travel turned out to be a bit of an ordeal.  As usual, I rushed to get through security and to the gate.  Once there it was easier to relax.  We got on the plane.  And we waited.  And waited.  They banged around in the luggage compartments for about 45 minutes.

Finally we were off to Atlanta.  I had purchased a book about Antarctic exploration and I read that on the way.  There were a lot of babies on that plane.

We made it to Atlanta.  Then there was a a hike to the next gate. Then there was a delay for maintenance.  Then there was a gate change.  Then there was a wait while they rounded up a crew for the plane.  Then there was a 1 hour flight to Columbus, MS followed by a 1 hour flight back to Atlanta.  Then there was a hike to “ground transportation”, a bus trip to a hotel, a very short night’s sleep, and a bus trip back to the airport.

Today  (I guess some of the above actually counts as “today”), we had no trouble with the airplane and we landed in Columbus in good order.  But the baggage I checked in Denver didn’t.  So I am going back this afternoon if they call and tell me my bag arrived.

I think, otherwise, that there’s not a lot to report on.

I did get to visit with a ham in Greeley, W0NTA for a bit on Thursday evening.  We operated during the “QRP Fox Hunt” on 20 meters.  That was fun.  He has a lot more, and more modern, equipment than I have.  But I have a nicer antenna situation because of the position of his house in relation to the golf course :-).

While in Colorado I also read a nice book on hand tools (of the carpentry type).  And I watched two new episodes of the Inspector Lewis series from the BBC that are newly available on Netflix.



Aug 18, 2013
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