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More Horse Mystery

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[Today’s run: still no running]

My head cold is getting a bit better.  I am transitioning from the eye-weeping phase to the coughing-up-gobs phase.  I think I should be in great shape in a couple more days.

The old horse was eating grass in our back yard this morning.  Yep, this is the one that I walked around to the gate yesterday.  He looks boney and kind of worn.

I went out and brushed him, put out some water.  Then I called the neighbor and he was going to call the horse owner to come and see.  According to the neighbor this horse is 34 years old.  That is an _old_ horse!  He moves around pretty good, considering.

I did walk over to the field and poked around a little bit to try to find where he is getting out.  No clue.  I doubt very much he can jump the fence where it  is a bit low, it is still at least two feet high and I don’t think his feet get higher than six inches unless he were to step near a snake or something.  I did not find any clear openings at all.

I have not looked outside in an hour or so, I suspect he is still out there.  He was really chowing down on the grass near the dog-run where it grows high.

Update:  Still out there, he wandered to the west of us, to a grassy area on the other side of our west neighbor, even farther from his home field.  No sign of the horse owner yet.

Update#2:  The horse owner has come, fixed the fence, and gone off leading the horse from the cab of his pickup truck.  And now I have his phone number.



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Jan 29, 2013
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