Happy Birthday to Me

Yesterday morning, MFH (My Favorite Husband) and I loaded up the car and headed south.  After 7.5 years of living in Mississippi, we were finally(!) going to the Gulf Coast!

I’d been wanting to go to the Gulf ever since we’d moved to Mississippi but somehow it just never worked out.  One time we were within an hour of the Coast but didn’t have the time for the short drive down to the water.  Yesterday was our day and I was super excited!



We had dropped Paxton, Kali and Castro off at Reggie’s House the day before (Friday) so we didn’t have to mess with with the animals.  We got up, showered and hopped in the car.  Imagine us driving before 7:00am.  Right?  That never happens!!!  I guess we were both eager for this trip!

It only took us 20 minutes to get to the Alabama state line.  We live pretty close to Alabama.  We drove on hwy 82 through Tuscaloosa and Montgomery.  Then we started driving south and south and south.  I thought we’d never get out of Alabama!  LOL!

Finally we hit the Florida state line. YAY!!!  I was doing the Happy Dance when we got to Florida.



See, I was planning on checking three things off my #bucketlist this weekend.  One was to go to Florida.  I’ve been to every single state on the East Coast except Florida.  Well, I checked that off my list yesterday.

The second thing I wanted to check off my list was to visit the Gulf Coast.  I’ve been to the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean but never the Gulf of Mexico.  It was bugging me no end that I lived a mere 3.5 hours from the Gulf Coast and hadn’t ever been there.

We finally got to the Gulf and I made a beeline for the water.




It was a sunny and warm day yesterday.  A perfect day to visit the beach!

After getting my feet wet (literally!) in the Gulf water, I had a nice walk with MFH on the beach.



Later that evening, we met up with MFH’s brother and went out for dinner.  MFH and his brother hadn’t seen each other IRL for 10 years…waaaayyy too long.  We’ve had lots of fun catching up!



This morning at early o’clock (UGH!) I checked #3 off my #bucketlist.  I ran on the beach.  I’ve always wanted to go for a run on the beach.  You see it in movies and it has always looked so…..romantic?  I don’t know, but it’s just something I’ve wanted to do.  This morning I ran on the beach.  You know what?  Running on the beach is hard!  LOL!!!  It’s super hard!



Pretty soon, MFH and I are going for another walk on the beach and then we’ll go to an Oyster Bar for dinner.  Mmmm!!!

Tomorrow we travel home.  Tomorrow is my birthday and it’s been a fabulous birthday weekend!!!













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