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Welcome to the Family, Chester

MFH (My Favorite Husband) did the math and realized we set a record for number of days we went without owning a dog. Ten days.  That 10 days felt like an eternity!

If you can remember back to Paxton, we knew he was sick and we knew we would have to put him down.  The vet (who was awesome) gave us a timeline as to how long we had with our pampered, necktie wearing, pudgy pooch and we had the time to prepare for that dreaded day.

Funny how one has the time to prepare and it still knocks the wind out of your sails when the day arrives?  Still, I had time to think about a new dog, the dog we would have after Paxton.

I knew I couldn’t have another Boxer.  Paxton was a one of a kind Boxer~they broke the mold when they made my pudgy pooch and I would never be able to love another one like I did him.  No, I needed a completely different dog.

Before we put down Paxton, I had been researching two breeds.  English Mastiffs and Great Danes.  I love both breeds.  They’re polar opposites as far as temperaments but amazing dogs.  Either one would have been a good fit.  Seeing as there were no Great Danes available anywhere near us geographically, I found Tess in Arkansas.  She was only about a 6 hour drive from our house.

Tess had been a Mama at a breeder in Arkansas.  She’d fulfilled her duties as a Mama at 4.5 years old and they decided to let her live out the rest of her days as a pet.  That’s how we got her.  MFH had been on a business trip in Colorado when Paxton had passed so on his way home, seeing as the Arkansas breeder was only 30 miles out of his way~he popped on by and brought her home.

Tess was as opposite from Paxton as possible.  I fell in love with her immediately!  She was such a good girl.  Holy cow, she loved her stuffies!!!

We were very unprepared for Tess’ passing.  That was so very, very hard.  For a few days I couldn’t even think about a different dog.  My heart was broken.  This was not like me!  I’m one of those people who need a dog.  There’s something about a dog that just…fits?  Can’t explain it.  Anyway, for me to go as long as I did before discussing a new dog was out of character. Tess’ passing hurt me~bad.

MFH and I began discussing different breeds, etc.  I was still interested in a Great Dane but we had also owned a retired Greyhound back in the early 1990’s.  We could get another Greyhound?  We bounced back and forth different ideas before we settled on going to the pound and looking at the different dogs there.

My requirements for a new dog was that it be young.  My heart couldn’t take another passing as close as Paxton and Tess (1.5 years).  I wanted a lot of years with this dog!  I also wanted a large dog.  I like large breeds!  I mean, if you’re going to get a dog, get a DOG!  All kidding aside on that, when I was a kid, I had a friend whose parents got him a toy size dog.  He was jumping down from a height without looking and literally smashed his dog.  I’ve never forgotten that.  I’m terrified of accidentally stepping on and injuring a small breed!

So, I went to the local pound armed with a ziplock full of puppy treats (courtesy of Tess) and an open heart.

I saw 3 dogs that day.  Then I saw Chester.

Chester waltzed into the little room where I got to meet and play with the dogs, took one look at me and said, You’re my human!  I said, You’ve got yourself a deal!

And that was that.   Chester came home with me.

He’s a happy, energetic 1.5 year old guy.  There’s questions about his breed?  The adoption papers from the pound say Dalmatian.  The vet says, Dalmatian/Pointer.  Whatever he is, he’s a complete goof!

He has designated himself as the neighborhood watch committee.

He has discovered the joy of Pup Cups at ice cream shops…

…even though they give him an ice cream hangover!

He is a huge helper when we do our planks.

AND, he’s famous for eating my fancy running socks.

He’s been a terrific addition to our little family.  Didn’t think it was possible to steal my heart this quickly, but he has.

Welcome to the family, Chester!