It Worked! I Can See!!!

I’m sooo excited!!!

Today I went back to the Eye Doc for my follow up and to get that clear contact lens removed off my right eye.  He was going to determine the effectiveness of what we had been doing the past few weeks and then check my vision to make sure I could see.

I was more than ready for him to peel off that clear contact lens.  I’ve never done well with soft contacts.  They bug my eye like nothing else but this time they were worth the discomfort.  He pulled off that contact and my eye went, Ahhhh!!!

He applied some yellow dye so he could look for all the pitting he had seen before.  Here’s a few pics (not my eye) to give you an idea of what he had been seeing.

All the yellow scratches and greenish spots were places where the surface of my eye had those “pits” on it.  That is what was causing my eye to hurt like the dickens and what eventually lead to the deterioration of my vision from 20/20 to 20/70.

It was immediate relief when he removed the clear contact!  Then we moved to the eye exam.

I did pretty well for an old lady!  My vision was back to where it had been before all this nonsense started.

He put the yellow dye on my eye and everything looked great!!!

I’m soooo excited!

We test all of this on July 14 at the Hotter Than Hell, Dusk to Dawn, 10 hour Ultra. Fingers crossed for many happy miles!!!