Y’all Need To Sit Down. I’m Going To Drop a Bombshell

Let me pull up a chair for you because if you know me at all, this news is going to surprise you.

I’ve been eating Peanut Butter (PB).


It’s true.  I’ve been eating PB.  Not as a snack at home or anything like that, I’ve been fueling my runs with it.

Yes, it’s still very icky!

Why am I fueling with PB of all things?  Here’s the story:

Y’all know the docs put me on keto because my body won’t digest simple sugars anymore.  That means I had to find a different way to fuel for my training and my races.  It makes me very sad to have to give up my favorite race fuel/hydration, Tailwind!  I’ve used Tailwind faithfully since 2015.  Giving it up has been difficult.

Trying to find a gel or something that doesn’t contain sugar is really hard!  Sugar is easy for the body to break down and is a terrific source of energy, my body just hates it.  Lucky me?

Out of desperation I tried PB.

I’ve been fueling with the Jif Sugar Free PB the past few weeks and relying on the keto diet thing to do it’s magic.  I’m trying really hard to be fat adapted and you know what?  It’s working!  Wednesday’s 20 miler I only needed 4-ish Tablespoons of PB the entire run.  I drink a lot of water when I’m out there to stay hydrated and to wash that nasty PB down.

I’m carrying the PB in a pocked of my Orange Mud vest.  I picked up a couple of these soft flasks and they’re working out great!

I’ve been concerned about electrolytes so I carry green olives in a ziplock and pop a few in my mouth about half way through the run.  As a rule, I don’t go around just eating those things but they’re great on a run!  The salt and fat is perfect and much tastier than that PB.

My energy levels have been terrific and I don’t get hungry so I guess this is a good thing!

*If any of you keto/fat adapted runners have any suggestions on how you fuel, I am all ears.

Just don’t expect to see me eating pizza with pineapple any day soon!







7 thoughts on “Y’all Need To Sit Down. I’m Going To Drop a Bombshell

  1. Dana

    I’m fat adapted! I just ran a 50k using S Fuels and it was wonderful. I was VERY undertrained for this race yet I kept steady energy and was able to run til the end. I felt no worse than I ever have in a 50k, I’d venture to say my energy level was better than ever.

  2. Sheryl Cowan

    Are you a member of the RunJunkees FB page? There are many keto runners who could provide suggestions.

    1. the only one Post author

      I am! Don’t visit the page as often as I used to. Thanks for the reminder of a great resource, Sheryl!

  3. Jayne

    Hey Melinda, very interesting read! A keto ultra runner friend fuels with and reconnected chorizo. Not yet tried it myself cos I’m not running long right now, but if you like it it might be worth a try

    All the best,
    Jayne @steeley xx

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