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Hiking With The Puppies #Chester #Alice #Arlo

This summer has been a very special summer in that MFH (My Favorite Husband), #1 Son and our 3 dogs have been able to take to the trails at least once each weekend, and hike a couple of miles.

#1 Son and his puppies, #Alice and #Arlo hiked quite a bit when they were in Mississippi but MFH, Chester and myself have usually just stayed around the neighborhood for our outings.  This was a new thing for #Chester, old hat for his 2 “cousins.”  All three of the dogs love the trails!

So many things to explore!  So many new smells to be smelled and darn it, always on a leash.  *insert:  All 3 dogs are always on leash because quite literally, That’s the rules!  My biggest pet peeve when out on any of these trails are “those” pet owners who think the rules don’t apply to them and we end up with minor confrontations between the animals. Steps off soap box.

Because all 3 of the dogs pull, we put them into the gentle leads almost immediately.  That has been a huge help!!!  #Arlo especially would practically gag himself pulling against his collar.  He’s pretty much resigned himself to his gentle lead and it doesn’t take too long before he forgets it’s on but he doesn’t pull anymore, either.

#Alice loves the water.  I don’t mean she enjoys the water, I mean she LOVES the water!!!  Keeping that in mind and the toasty summer temps, we make sure that each trail we hike has at least one water crossing where the dogs can get a drink and swim a bit to cool down.

#Alice and #Arlo are used to the water and dive right in.

#Chester had to learn to enjoy the water.  Lucky for him, his two cousins helped him along in overcoming his lack of enthusiasm for getting his polka dots wet and now he dives right on in, too!  Here’s #Chester getting his feet and only his feet wet on one of our earlier hikes.

While driving to the trails, #Alice feels it’s her doggy duty to be the navigator.  She makes sure we don’t get lost on our way.  This is an important job which she takes seriously!

We’ve gone as far as 45 minutes away to hike some trails while others are a quick 10 minute drive.  No matter how far we’re going, Alice is leading the way.

This goes for the trails, too!  #Alice is the trailblazer.  She’s the leader.  That’s the rules!

#Arlo is second in the line of command.

#Chester brings up the rear.  #Chester being in the back is important because he follows #Arlo’s lead to. the. letter.

If #Arlo stops to sniff a leaf, #Chester hurries quickly to sniff the same leaf.  If #Arlo nibbles on a blade of grass, #Chester must finish eating said blade of grass.  If #Arlo pees on ANYTHING, there’s #Chester rushing up to pee in the exact same spot.  That’s the rules!

We’ve had some substantial climbs on these hikes!  These dogs are not afraid of a challenge.  It’s these hikes when pup cups from the local DQ are in order.

Now just a few pics of the dogs having a blast with maybe a few of us having some fun as well.

We have had such a great time on the trails!!!

We have a few favorites and very few “duds.”  I think my favorites are the trails in the Mines of Spain.  Whether taking the dogs there or running there with MFH on our Saturday morning #DateRuns, the Mines never disappoint.