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Way’s Bluff 25k

25k is an odd distance for me to race.   I don’t run it very often and I usually end up having to Google the distance because I can never remember how many miles it is.  How funny is that!?!

This past Saturday I raced the 25k distance at a race called Way’s Bluff in Canton, Mississippi.

Way’s Bluff is located at the Gray Center in Canton, and is put on by MUTS (Mississippi Ultra and Trail Society) in partnership with the staff at the Gray Center.

MUTS is a relatively new organization and I have to say they’re doing an amazing job raising awareness of running trails and ultra running in the great state of Mississippi.  Awesome people are heading this up and I cannot say enough great things about these folk and the organization as a whole.  If you’re looking for a trail/ultra race in Mississippi and it’s put on by MUTS, you simply cannot go wrong.

This was my first time running in Canton.  I had been there earlier this year doing a Tailwind Nutrition demo while people did a preview run of the trails for this race.  They were having a great time so I decided if this race fit into my schedule, I’d give it a shot!

I had heard rumors that there was a little elevation on these trails but after chatting with a few people was told there was only about 250′ elevation.  Easy peasy!

The weekend before the race, MFH (My Favorite Husband) and a few Twitter friends, had met for a some miles on the Noxubee Trail System.  We ran 8 miles and had about 500′ elevation.

My brain was doing some mental calculations and I had come to the conclusion that the run at Way’s Bluff would be a cake walk.  Word to the wise, don’t ever(!) rely on my #runnersmath.  It is almost always wrong!

The trails were beautiful!  There were a few hills that I most definitely was not expecting but what are you going to do?  You run them!  16 miles later and almost 900′ elevation, I crossed the finish line with a sweet PR!  I was sooooo excited about how that run went!

Here’s just a few pics of those trails because it really is a beautiful place!

As always, it was a blast to see so many of my Mississippi running friends and of course to carry on our #tradition of a Fireball shot to celebrate the successful completion of another great day on the trails!

Now, it’s time to buckle down for my last 5 weeks of training before Brazos Bend 50M on December 8.

Happy Running, everyone!!!