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Just because today is TBT: (Throw Back Thursday) and this pic showed up in my Facebook memories!

I know most of you remember Paxton as my necktie wearing pudgy pooch.  He was a natty dresser puppy!  That dog loved sporting his neckties and was very vain~ he knew he looked amazing!

He knew how to turn on the charm and get his favorite treat in the world~Nutty Bars!

The only reason we’re chatting about Paxton today is this pic from my FB memories:

For all of his pudgy puppiness, he was a fussy eater…when it came to his dog food.

You’d put his dog food on the floor and he’d look at it and give you this look that said, “You expect me to eat THIS!?!”

More times than I can count, he’d take his faithful friend and loyal companion, #PinkPuppy, and cover up his food dish.  That always made me laugh so hard!!!  I’d tell him, “Don’t hold back, Paxton.  Tell me what you really think!”

He was such a goof!

These days, Paxton, #PinkPuppy and Kali reside under a small mound of dirt on the back of my property.  When I’m mowing, I always tear up when I come to that spot.

Funny how animals can touch you so deeply!  Miss my pudgy pooch and that goofy cat!  They sure had some good times, didn’t they?

Still, Tess makes my heart smile.  She’s such a good girl!!! She’s helped mend my broken heart.  Thank you, Tess!!!

Paxton: Gone but impossible to ever forget.