Life Returns To The Legs

Last summer I got totally fried at Grandma’s Marathon.  Not sunburn fried but fried in that I didn’t have any extra “Oomph” to give, fried.  I was overtrained. The race was black flagged due to heat and it all added up to cooking my goose.





Since last June, my running has suffered. I’ve had a coaching change which has been a breathe of fresh air.  I’ve continued to work hard! It’s been super discouraging to struggle to maintain a 12min pace at events where I used to be able to do 10 min pace.

Still, persistence pays off, right?


It’s been 8 months since that killer race (Which by the way is a terrific race!  I highly recommend it!!!) and just within the last few runs, I’ve noticed life returning to my legs.

Can you say *Happy Dance?*



My sights are now set towards the London Marathon.  I have a goal time and maybe (fingers crossed) I have a shot of reaching that goal!? A few short months ago, it was just a dream, now it’s maybe(?) a possibility?



To say I’m tentatively excited would be a huge understatement.  I AM very encouraged!

There’s only about 6 weeks of training between now and the London Marathon.  Not a whole lot of time.  Granted I’m coming off of training for that 100M and have zillions of training miles under my belt BUT they’ve all been SLOW training miles.  Now’s the time to start pushing the pace a bit. If I train slow for London, I’ll run slow at London. Eeeekkk!!

So many exciting things happening!!!

Tomorrow I’m driving down to Jackson, Mississippi, to our local Fleet Feet. I want to try on the new #AltraRunning Escalante.  I’ve heard wonderful things about this shoe.  I’m unsure about the sizing so I’m driving down to try them on.  If they are as terrific as I think they’re going to be, these shoes and I will be running the streets of London.  How awesome is that!?!



The other thing that will give me a huge piece of mind will be my LaceLockers.  I’m one of “those” runners who stresses over the littlest things.  One of the things I have nightmares about is my shoes becoming untied.  It actually happened to me once! #notfun  I triple knot my shoestrings.  Well, I used to until #IRun4Ultra sent us these sweet LaceLockers in a swag bag.  I’m in love!!!



These are going with me to London. My shoes will stay tied AND no more nightmares.  #Winning

Y’all know this past Monday was my birthday.  I had the best birthday ever!!!  Today, the mailman brought a box to the house.  In it was a birthday present from my best-est running buddy, Aiden! #IRun4Aiden



If you don’t know the backstory to this, almost every evening at bedtime, I head into the bedroom to find Kali already snoozing on my “fuzzy blanket.”  We have this evening fight over the fuzzy blanket.  This really is the best present ever!!!  *Goofy cat*



Well, I’m encouraged about how my training is going for London!  Again I’ll be fueling with #Tailwind.  Best. Fuel. Ever!!! Tomorrow will determine what shoes I’ll be wearing.  I have some very nice #AltraRunning Torin’s all set to run but if the Escalante are as awesome as I’ve heard, the Torin’s will be waiting in the wings for training runs for the October Chicago Marathon.

Soooo many exciting races and soooo little time (and only two legs and one me!)

I’m having the time of my life!!!