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More shack progress

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[Saturday: 7+ miles in Starkville, mixed running and walking]

There are two seasons in Mississippi, the nice weather and the not-nice weather.  We are now deeply into the not-nice weather season.  My shed project has been rained on pretty regularly since I started it so many weekends ago.  And my work days have consisted of short spurts of work alternated with sessions of wiping the sweat out of my eyes and cooling off.

We got the roof sheathing on a week ago and finally this morning I got some roofing felt paper up on the roof to try to keep the rain off.  Yesterday we got wall sheathing put on three of the walls and I have a tarp up on the fourth.  So we actually have dry space inside!

The next steps include putting on the drip edge and the shingles; putting in the window and A/C framing; getting the door and window mounted; putting sheathing around the door and window; putting up corner boards and then siding.

I plan to go with sheet siding, so that should go quickly.

After all of that I  can work on insulation and electrical.


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Jun 18, 2017
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