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Started on the Transmitter Shack

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[Thursday: 3.5 miles; Saturday: 5 miles in Starkville]

I’m a bit behind on my blogging.

Having acquired the telephone poles a few weeks ago, I had run into trouble with my chainsaw.  I’ve ordered some parts to try to fix it.  It was necessary to saw one of the poles in half to start my shed project.

Speaking to my father on the phone yesterday, he asked if I had any other saws and I do have a large bow saw that a person can use to cut up firewood and branches and stuff.  So I went out there Sunday evening and got my pole cut in two with the bow saw.  It doesn’t cut straight.  But it does cut and I got it done.  So I continued on to lay out the pieces and use some wood scraps to square it up.

Today was a holiday so I went off to Lowes in the morning and bought some paving stones to put under the poles.  And I got lumber and little galvanized angle thingies and the little nails you use with those.

The general plan is to use the poles as “skids” and make this a “portable” shed.  It will take a tractor or other serious vehicle to move it, but it isn’t attached to the ground in any way.

I just knocked off a few minutes ago and I have the joists all done.  I cut slots into the tops of my telephone poles of the correct depth to keep things level.  The poles are of different diameter and they also have some taper so I had to customize each slot.  The overall dimensions are approximately 7′ x 8′.

Tomorrow I will try to get the plywood decking on.  Then I can put a tarp over the thing until this next weekend.  I need to contemplate my walls.


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May 29, 2017
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