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On the road

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[Yesterday’s run: 2 miles, Today: none]

My daughter has been looking for a new car. I saw one in our neighborhood that fit her description and we picked it up.  Now we are on our way to deliver it to her.

It is a 2 day drive out.  And it gives me a chance to visit a bit with her and with the people at the office for which I work.

Her car is running well, ran 70 mph all day today with no problem.  A/C was cold, and it looks like we got about 31.5 mpg. Not bad!

I’m looking forward to seeing her and getting this deal done.  I hope she likes the car and it runs well for her.

Tonight we are staying in Oklahoma City, OK.  They just had some big tornadoes in the area a couple of weeks ago and we saw some damage along I-40 as we came into the area.  But we are not really going to the part of town that was mangled.  I thought we might have a problem getting a room for the night, but it went just fine.

We have another 12+ hours of driving to do tomorrow.

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May 30, 2013
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