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Father’s day

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I’m not sure why there is a Father’s Day. But I enjoyed today. I heard from all of my children and I got to talk a bit on the phone to my father and mother both.

Telephones are really nice. It is a handy world we live in. Just imagine having to send someone a letter and having that letter go around the southern tip of South America before it got to your family back east of the rocky mountains. Bummer. It would be way-cool to send a note by pony express (even though it cost you an arm and a leg). And then telegraph! quickly followed by telephone and radio.

Just got a text from one of the kids.

Of course the other side of the thing is not just the technology but the willingness of people to listen to each other. A letter from the far side of the moon doesn’t mean much if it comes from someone you don’t want to hear from. So I am very happy that I have family members that get along and enjoy each other’s company. That is as much a blessing as the technology to keep us in touch.

In January we were all together for a dinner out and I think it will happen again in late July. I love sitting at a restaurant and just being with my family.

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Jun 19, 2011
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