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Overabundance of printers

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[Today’s run: none]

Yesterday on Craigslist there was an HP laserjet 8000 printer offered for free.  Come and get it or it goes in the trash, kind of thing.  So I sent the guy an email and today we went and got it.

Hauled it home, and it appears to work ok.  It has about 50k pages run through it, which is not a lot in the large-laserjet world.  At my job we had some HP 8100’s go into the multi-millions.  If anything doesn’t work it would be more likely because of age: parts gotten dirty or dry over time.

So now I have my old LaserJet 5si (which is a generation older) and the LaserJet 8000.  I “need” one of these because I sometimes need to design print-outs that will go to the 8100’s and 9100’s at the office and the line of printers seems to be upward compatible.  Maybe an old LaserJet 3 would also work, but why worry when I can get these old guys for almost nothing.  My 5si I bought at an auction for $1.

I guess now I will put the 5si on a shelf in the garage and see if the 8000 will do the job.


I looked up the LaserJet 8000 DN on the web.  It has the same printer engine as the 5si and takes the same toner cartridge.  It has duplex (printing on both sides).   And the advertised duty cycle is 130,000 pages per month.  Which means this printer has about two weeks worth of paper through it since it was built in 1999.

The new one is fired up, old one ready for retirement.  [p.s.  picture upload from my windows PC is still broken.]

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Jun 16, 2011
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