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Busy day

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[Today’s run: nothing]

I stayed home from the Boardtown Runners for the second Saturday in a row. Probably not good.  I may be home again next week because of the ARRL June VHF contest.  We will see.

We got quite a bit of stuff done today in spite of the high temperature and humidity.

Right off in the morning I got my old Hy-Gain TH3 antenna reassembled.  Then it was up the tower and installing the new Cushcraft A148-10S  10 element 2 meter antenna.  You can see me in the picture.  Notice I am standing above the rotator.  I have my feet wedged into the last little crossbar in the pointy top section and I am strapped to the mast.

We attempted to get the TH3 up, but it was too heavy.  We will get some more help this week and get it installed.

We also got our last two 4×4 posts set in the ground for the overhead feedline run back to the house.

Earlier this week we got the rotator and mast installed, and the control cable.  Before next Saturday I need to finish the feedline to the VHF antenna and get the control cable routed to the house.

And we got a kiddie pool for the dog at Wal-Mart.

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Jun 4, 2011
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