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VHF Amplifier

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[Today’s run: St. Paul MB Church – 5 miles (some walking)]

This thing is called an AM-6155 or AM-6154.  These things were made as part of a VHF radio set for the military and other government users.  A lot of them were used by the FAA (Federal Avation Administration) for aircraft band communications.

The AM-6154/6155 uses a vacuum tube so it is obsolete.  But it makes a good amplifier for the 144, 220 or 440 Mhz ham bands.  I’ve been trying to set up a 144 Mhz SSB/CW station and I want to convert this amp to that use.  There are various sites on the web which have conversion details.

Mine actually came from Hawaii.  A guy on a mailing list said he wanted to get rid of it and I offered to pay for shipping.   You can buy one from a real vendor if you want:  go to www.fairradio.com and put AM-6154 in the search box.  It comes up for $450.  (So if mine works I got a very good deal.)

Properly operating, it is supposed to turn my 10 watts into 400 watts.  That would be a much  bigger signal.

I have some study to do.  This will probably be a fall/winter project.


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Jun 23, 2011
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